Street food from our authentic


Enjoy our authentic French crepes and galettes at a street food event!

Event Crepes prepare delicious sweet and savoury crêpes which will transport you, momentarily, to Brittany in France. Savoury galettes are a rare treat in the uk with only a handful of crepe makers providing the real thing.

Go for a ‘Seriously Tasty’, naturally, wheat free galette, filled with wiltshire ham and melted cheese. Or trying something different – how about a vegan option, with mushrooms, baby spinach and tomato.

For the sweetest ending to your street food treat or a shopping grab and go pick-me-up, can anything beat a lemon and sugar crêpe? Everything is prepared freshly, cooked while you wait and served in a cardboard cone to make it easy to take away and eat.

Guests Queueing up for crepes | Wedding Crepe Station Midlands
Mark Posing for the camera while making a crepe
Big queue for our crepes at an event

Craving for our crepes? Here's where you'll find us.

All of our pop up street food events are within the Midlands including: Stone, Stafford, Lichfield, Cannock, Tamworth, Melbourne, Whatton Hall, Leicester, Warrick and Shirley to name a few.

Crepe Station at an event | Street Food Crepe Bar

Find us at the following locations during the summer.



3rd Shirley Social - Solihull
8-10th Lichfield Fuse Festival
15-17th Stone Food Festival
27th Drindley Place, Birmingham
29th Lichfield Grub Club



3rd Brindley Place, Birmingham
5th Feast Stone
6-7th Feast Hinckley
12-14th Ibiza Proms Lichfield
17th Melbourne Hall
20-21st Shropshire Food Festival
24th Melbourne Hall
27-29th Lichfield Food Festival



2nd Feat Stone
10-11th Food Gusto Tamworth
17th Fleckney Food Festival
18th Hinckley Car Show
21st Melbourne Hall

Are you a Street Food event organiser?

We’re always looking for different pop up locations and would love to here from you. Let’s talk pop-up crepes! Just fill out the form below or call us on 07843216112.